Founded in

New Zealand

Imagine a tea that

tastes like New Zealand

We’re Ti Ora, a nature-loving tea brand from a nature-loving country. Ti Ora means ‘tea of wellbeing’ and that’s exactly what we’re all about.

We feel most at home when we’re in nature. That’s why we’re bringing people a little bit of nature through a whole lot of tea.

What’s unique about Ti Ora, is that each one of our teas and infusions is uniquely blended with a native
New Zealand Botanical.



Māori people were very adept at using native trees and plants for food. Originally knowledge of medicinal plants was held exclusively by the Tohunga (Māori Doctor). This knowledge was kept alive and passed down by the older women of the tribes. Many Māori continue to use these old remedies today.

Manuka Leaf

Our New Zealand Manuka has a strong distinctive flavour. It is particularly well suited to complementing teas with a more intense flavour profile.

Kawakawa Leaf

Kawakawa leaves have a distinctive green, fresh flavour which complements the flavour of Green Tea well.

Horopito Leaf

Horopito leaves have a hot peppery taste and are a perfect addition to flavoured black tea.



In New Zealand, we’re pretty tight with nature. It’s part of who we are. And we think it’s rather nice to share that sentiment with others. That’s why we decided to step out into the wilderness, bring together some of the finest natural botanical ingredients, and craft you the perfect mindful moment. Because no matter what, there’s always time for that cup of tea. So sit back, take a sip, and reconnect with all the goodness nature can offer.

A Tea For

All Your Senses

A cup of tea is never just a cup of tea, right? It’s a chance to sit down, slow down, and take a moment to reflect. We get it. That’s why we make our teas from hearty chunks and large-cut leaf pieces — all wrapped up in a silky pyramid tea bag. In addition to looking pretty cool, it means there’s lots of space for the ingredients to infuse and release beautifully bold flavours and aromas. So whenever you brew a cup of Ti Ora, it’s a delight for your eyes, nose and taste buds.

Kia Ora!

Ti Ora is Our Name

In New Zealand, we say ‘Kia Ora!’ to greet people, which in Māori means hello, cheers, to wish you good health and wellness. Ti Ora quite literally means ‘tea of wellbeing’. But it’s more than just a name to us. Our aim is to create mindful moments by crafting teas that taste good, smell delicious, and look beautiful.